Winners from our 11th annual editorial competition
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About the Competition

Employees at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Science enjoy healthy food choices at the onsite farmer's market.

This year marks the 11th annual edition for our Greater Toronto's Top Employers competition, which has become a benchmark in the Greater Toronto Area for workplace best-practices. Like the metropolitan area it represents, the competition has become exceptionally strong and competitive — so much so that, for Toronto-area employers, the minimum scores to secure a place on the GTA list routinely rank among the highest in the nation. Our 2017 winners were announced on December 12, 2016 in a special magazine feature in The Globe and Mail. Our press release issued the same day provides additional background on this year's competition.

Selection Process

Once again this year, our team of editors have evaluated employers on eight criteria: (1) physical workplace; (2) work atmosphere and social; (3) health, financial and family benefits; (4) vacation and time-off; (5) employee communications; (6) performance management; (7) training and skills development; and (8) community involvement. These criteria have remained the same since the competition's inception and are the same criteria used to judge our national winners.

TTC employees keep the trains running before the city's residents begin their workday.

Editorial Partner

Each December, the winning employers are announced in a special magazine published in The Globe and Mail's metro edition. For our detailed Reasons for Selection, please review the full list of winners. Publishing detailed Reasons for Selection is a distinguishing feature of our competition: it provides transparency in the selection of winners and "raises the bar" so that other employers can discover and adopt initiatives that work well elsewhere.

Eligibility Requirements

Any employer with its head office or principal place of business in the Greater Toronto Area may apply for this competition. Employers of any size may apply, whether private or public sector.

University of Toronto Associate Professor of Biology Fiona Rawle, centre, holds 'walking office hours' with students.

2018 Competition

Applications for our 2018 competition will be available early in 2017. Our 2018 winners will be announced in December 2017. Join our mailing list to stay up to date and receive an application for next year's competition:

Editorial Conference

To learn more about the competition, we invite you to join us at the Top Employer Summit, our annual editorial conference on the Canada's Top 100 Employers project. This event lets you discover the latest best practices from winners, meet competition organizers and editors, and hear inspiring stories from world-class speakers — all presented in a commercial-free format. The conference is Canada's largest annual event for senior-level HR professionals.

Staff from the YMCA of Greater Toronto taking the kids for a summer canoe adventure.
Staff from the YMCA of Greater Toronto taking the kids for a summer canoe adventure.


It's tough to land a spot on the Greater Toronto's Top Employer list. As Canada's biggest metropolitan area, the GTA is home to a rich diversity of organizations, representing a broad range of industries in everything from technology to health care, auto manufacturing to publishing, banking to breweries. Competition is fierce among competing companies in this editorial contest, not only to be judged the best within their industry, but also in the wider GTA landscape.

In setting the bar high for workplace standards, GTA's Top Employers have demonstrated leading-edge initiatives to engage their employees and inspire people to be their best at work. Key is a variety of ongoing support for employee education and skills development to help individuals reach their full potential, whether through subsidies for tuition or professional accreditation, in-house training or mentoring programs.

Other commonalities in the winning group include generous top-up payments for parental leave, vacation allowances starting at three weeks, flexible working arrangements and personal days off to be used as needed, recognizing that employees have an important life outside the workplace.

As a talented job seeker, these are the companies you want to work for. As an enlightened employer, these are the companies you want to be. The win is double.

2017 Winners

Here are 2017 winners of the Greater Toronto's Top Employers competition. Click an employer name to read our editors' full Reasons for Selection:
Employees at Seneca College welcoming the Lunar New Year in style.

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